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Shibaura Studio Group | Japan

The Shibaura Studio Group are incredibly respected and the most famous professional rehearsal studios in Japan. They have a rich history of both Japanese and overseas artists as visitors.

And now we are very pleased to announce they also have UE listening stations and demo units. We are extremely proud and humbled that such a prestigious studio would select UE Pro as their first ever IEM brand partnership.

Our exclusive UE Pro demo stations are now available in the most renowned professional musicians’ rehearsal studios in Tokyo. We are excited to bring the UE experience to @Shibaura, @Setagaya and @Haneda Entertainment Studio.


  1. Our History

The Shibaura Studio (located in the Waterfront area of Tokyo) opened its doors in 1987 with hopes to capture and recreate the vibrant, creative atmosphere that the Studio’s founder felt while visiting music studios in SoHo, NY. In 2001 Setagaya Location opened as the Shibaura studio Group’s 2nd studio, followed by the Haneda Studio in 2012; a year after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. Our goal has always been to provide the best environment, equipment and services that we can to the visiting artists, and as our guest list attests, we’re recognized by many of the top-tier domestic and international artists and musicians for our high standard of services.

芝浦スタジオは創立者がNYのSoHoで感銘を受けた、活気に溢れるクリエイティブな音楽スタジオを日本でも創りたいとの思いから、1987年、東京湾を望むウォーターフロントの立地に誕生しました。 2001年には芝浦スタジオグループ第2のスタジオが世田谷にオープン、そして東北大震災の翌年2012年には、羽田スタジオがオープンしました。 私たちはいつも最高の環境、機材とサービスを、スタジオをご利用いただくアーティストの皆様にご提供することを目指しており、スタジオゲストリストからも明らかなように、国内外のトップアーティストの皆様より高い評価をいただいております。

  1. Our Studios

The Shibaura Studio features 6 studios ranging from 530 to 1,770 square feet, making them ideal for rehearsing artists in preparation for their dome/arena class performance.

The Haneda Studio has 3 studios, offering Japan’s largest rehearsal studio with 3,903 sqft mega room suitable not only for music rehearsals, but also for dance, musical, TV Commercials and TV show filming. Its superb location by the Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport attracts both Japanese artists and the touring musicians from abroad.

The Setagaya Studio offers 3 rehearsal studios, each around 1,700 sqft. Many artists prefer its cozy atmosphere, as well as its convenient location in the heart of Tokyo.

芝浦スタジオは50㎡から165㎡の6スタジオを要し、ドーム・アリーナクラスのパフォーマンスに対応するリハーサルを行っていただける理想的なスタジオです。 羽田スタジオは国内最大級の363㎡のスタジオ他2スタジオがあり、ライブリハーサルのみならず、ダンス、ミュージカル、テレビCM・番組等、あらゆるエンターテインメント用多目的スペースです。羽田空港から車で15分と言う好立地で、国内外のアーティストの皆様の多様なニーズにお応えします。 世田谷スタジオは156㎡の3つのプライベートな空間スタジオが心地よく、多くのアーティストの皆様が立地の利便性、設備・空間環境を好んでご使用いただいています。

Haneda Studio 1st Studio floor plan;

Shibaura Studio 601 Studio floor plan;

  1. Who are some of the artists that rehearse there?

The guest lists are the actual Who’s Who of top Japanese and the overseas musicians.

Guest List:


Shibaura Studio

Setagaya Studio

Some overseas artists include; 海外アーティストご利用実績(抜粋):

  • Bruno Mars
  • Chaka Khan
  • Hayley Westenra
  • Il Divo
  • Jamiroquai
  • Jeff Beck
  • JET
  • KISS
  • MR.BIG
  • Nikki Sixx
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Quincy-Jones
  • Roger Daltrey
  • Ryu Siwon
  • Slip Knot
  • Sylvie Vartan
  • Sugizo