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Introducing the UE PRO 18+ | The Culmination Of More Than 20 Years Of Experience.

There is exciting news, and then there is EXCITING NEWS!! This is the later. Ultimate Ears today announced the arrival of the new UE PRO 18+.

Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pro

For more than 20 years, Ultimate Ears Pro has been the trusted custom in-ear monitor brand for musicians and professionals around the world. Music lovers have also been drawn to the full product lineup for its precise sound, and now, UE Pro’s best-in-class flagship product is even better.

The UE PRO 18 was already the pinnacle of sound and design. Now UE has upped it’s game by adding the new True Tone Technology drivers and it’s proprietary precision tuned sound engine, which were originally introduced to rave reviews last year with the UE Pro Reference Remastered.

During this incredibly busy and exciting time we got a chance to sit down briefly with Philippe Depallens (General Manager), Mike Dias (Sales & Marketing Director), Vincent Liu (Product Development) and Joe Saggio (Engineer) from the Ultimate Ears team and ask some questions about the new Ultimate Ears flagship IEM.

Q: What is the UE 18+ Pro?

Philippe: The UE 18+ Pro is the brand’s new flagship model and the culmination of UE Pro’s 20 years of experience. This new monitor gives you the best of the previous flagship model, the UE 18 PRO, but adds UE Pro’s proprietary True Tone drivers to a redesigned acoustic system. This means you get more detail, air and spacing in your music, leaving a silky, smooth and clear sound.


Q: Why did Ultimate Ears Pro decide to create this product?

Vincent: The UE 18 PROs have been our flagship model for many years. However, in the past few years, UE Pro has pioneered great technical innovations, such as True Tone Drivers and our precision tuned sound engine. We wanted to apply our pioneering technology to our flagship model. Therefore, we created the UE 18+ Pro, our latest flagship model – a reimagined version of the UE 18 PRO.


Q: What are True Tone drivers?

Joe: True Tone drivers are proprietary balanced armatures that focus on the overtones and harmonics, so that you can hear and feel the emotional qualities of the music.


Q: Who was the UE 18+ Pro created for?
Vincent: The UE 18+ Pro was created for musicians of all kinds. Below are a few ways this flagship model can be experienced depending on musician type. Vocalists will notice a warmer and less “spikey” sound, guitarists will get a more natural, less crispy sound, bass players will experience a strong warm bass response, and Music lovers will experience more detail to their music than ever.
Q: How is the UE 18+ Pro different from the UE 18 PRO?

Mike: Thanks to UE Pro’s proprietary True Tone drivers and optimized sound engine in the UE 18+ Pro, the sound is more alive and open, working even better as a live tool. The new flagship continues to use a 4-way crossover, but adds a newly designed bandpass filter on midrange drivers and highly customized, extended frequency response tweeters.


Q: How did you test the UE 18+ Pro? Did you test it with any professional or touring musicians?

Philippe: The UE Pro team tested with professional touring musicians and performers using drums, bass and guitar. It was then tested in the lab by listening to prerecorded music. However, we are unable, due to confidentiality, to share musician names.

Joe: For this product development, we also chose 25 key songs from various genres and time periods which we used as benchmarks. We’d A/B test each song against the full product line up and against the classic UE 18 to make sure that we were hearing what we were trying to achieve across all types of music and recordings.


Q: When will it be available and how much does the UE 18+ Pro cost?

Mike: The UE 18+ Pro will be available worldwide on December 15th through Ultimate Ears Pro and authorized dealers, for a starting price of $1,500 USD.


Q: Why should I get the UE 18+ Pro if I already have the original?*

Philippe: It’s the next generation. If your interest is to have the best tool to perform at your best, then the UE 18+ Pro is for you. 


Q: Will I still be able to buy the original UE 18 PROs?*
Mike: No, the product will no longer be available to purchase; however, Ultimate Ears Pro will still service existing units and remake them for current owners.
To highlight some of the UE PRO 18+’s next generation sonic clarity, Ultimate Ears has provided us with Joe’s reference cheat sheet. Check out these songs and listen for the sonic cues. Let your ears be the judge!

# Song Artist Genre Year Sonic Cue
1 Do You Read Me Rory Gallagher Blues Rock 1976 Kick drum punch (low), snare, natural hats and guitar
2 On The Floor J-Lo Dance 2011 Synth bass
3 My Cherie Amour Stevie Wonder Pop 1969 Vocal reverb
4 Carnival Natalie Merchant Alternative 1995 Perfect female vocal
5 Mais Que Nada Sergio Mendes / Brazil 66 Latin jazz 1966 Translation of old recordings
6 Squonk (Remastered) Genesis Rock 1976 Translation or remastered recordings
7 My Favorite Things Tony Bennett Vocal 1968 Warm vocal/clear brass/stand-up bass
8 Blah Blah Blah Ke$ha Dance 2010 Sub lows, chaotic but clear upper mids
9 Back In Black AC/DC Rock 1980 Accurate distorted guitar
10 Smooth Operator Sade Soul 1984 Cross stick snare, clear percussion, ample bass
11 Price You Pay Punky Meadows Metal 2016 Translation of maxed fader, modern mix
12 Witchita Lineman Glen Cambell Pop 1968 Natural strings; instrument isolation
13 Ventura Highway America Pop 1972 Natural warm acoustic guitars
14 Possum Kingdom Toadies Alternative 1994 Drum clarity and punch
15 American Boy Estelle Pop 2008 Male and female vocal in bass heavy mix
16 Lido Shuffle Boz Scaggs Pop 1970 Translation of "flat" master
17 Nuttville Buddy Rich Jazz 1974 Natural brass section and lead brass
18 Hocus Pocus Focus Rock 1970 Electric bass guitar; vocal "kitchen sink"
19 Somebody I used to Know Gotye Pop 2011 Intimate vocal, vocal range and depth
20 Spooky Atlanta Rhthym Rock 1979 Crisp hats / ride, electric organ, rubbery low end
21 Johnny Strikes Up The Band Warren Zevon Rock 1978 Vocal warmth, cowbell and pedal steel guitar
22 Josie Steely Dan Pop/Jazz 1977 Crisp mix
23 Past The Point Of Rescue Hal Ketchum Country 1991 Warm mix
24 Set Fire To The Rain Adele Pop 2011 Piano, sub low, vocal
25 Beginnings Chicago Pop 1969 Drum pans, horns
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