How to Get the Most Out of Your UE FITS

How to Get the Most Out of Your UE FITS
UE FITS give you an instant custom fit, but that’s not all these true wireless earbuds offer. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your UE FITS, including the ability to tweak your sound and customize your controls.



Get the Perfect Fit


The top way to get the most out of your UE FITS is to get the perfect fit, the first time. Before you open your UE FITS, read through our article about the fitting process. Here’s a quick look at a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. Download the UE FITS app for iOS or Android. 
  2. Keep your UE FITS in the packaging until you’re ready to get them fitted. UE FITS come in an airtight seal to keep the tips pristine for the molding process. If you break this seal a few hours too early, it can negatively affect the tips and potentially compromise the fit. 
  3. Open your app and follow the step-by-step instructions to get your perfect fit. 


Once you finish the fitting process, we recommend taking the Fit Check, which can be found in the menu of the app. Follow the in-app instructions to check your fit and to ensure your UE FITS are perfectly tailored to your unique ears. 


If you check your fit and find you need larger or smaller tips, we have your covered. We have a 30-day Custom Fit Guarantee, and we’ll do what it takes to give you the best possible fit. Reach out to our support team and we’ll get you new tips. 

Set Up Tap Controls


While some earbuds on the market only offer the same 2-3 tap controls, UE FITS offers completely customizable single- and double-tap controls that are unique for each earbud. That gives you up to four actions you can enact with a tap (or two).


Within the UE FITS app, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to customize the tap controls. Here’s one setup idea to get you started:

  • Single-tap left earbud: Start/Stop the music
  • Single-tap right earbud: Increase volume (or decrease volume)
  • Double-tap left earbud: Go back a song
  • Double-tap right earbud: Skip to the next song


    Think about what controls you want from your UE FITS. What actions would you use the most? Make your UE FITS controls work for you.


    UE FITS Tone Profiles Equalizer


    Personalize Your Sound Profile


    The fit is only one way to customize your UE FITS—you can also shape the tone profile of your earbuds to your exact specifications. 


    Within the UE FITS app, you can choose one of our tone profile presets or shape your own. Our default tone profile is relatively flat, which enables UE FITS to reproduce music exactly the way the artists intended. We also have a profile to boost bass response, give a more “hyped” sound, optimize your earbuds for podcasts or audio books and more settings for different types of music and moods. 


    Within each preset, you can fine-tune five different frequencies of your choice until your tone profile is absolutely perfect. For more information about getting the perfect sound profile, check out our blog post, “How to Build Your Own UE FITS Tone Profiles.”



    Make Your FITS Louder


    The perfect seal created by UE FITS during the fitting process means you get superior noise isolation. That means you don’t have to crank the volume on your audio device because your music isn’t escaping your ear and outside noise isn’t getting in.


    But if you want more volume, we’ve got you covered. Within the UE FITS app, you can select our “loudness” preset to boost the overall volume of your UE FITS without shaping the tone.


     UE FITS lighting up


    Share Your Experience


    The LEDs that light up during the UE FITS fitting process serve an important role, but it also looks really cool. We listened to feedback from our customers and created “Selfie Mode” in the UE FITS app so you can share your unique UE FITS experience. Within this mode, you can capture and share a photo or video of your FITS all lit up. And don’t worry, the extra exposure to these LEDs won’t affect your fit at all.



    Put Them Through Their Paces


    Maybe you got your UE FITS because you’ve struggled with finding comfortable earbuds. Or perhaps you were tired of your earbuds falling out while exercising. Whatever the reason you got your UE FITS, the best way to get the most out of them is to put them through their paces. 


    The custom fit of UE FITS means all-day comfort. If you’re on and off the phone all day, that means you don’t have to take out and put in your earbuds call after call—you can simply leave them in from your first call to your last. Plus, the eight hour charge means you won’t have to worry about your battery dying mid-call. 


    That perfect fit also means your earbuds won’t fall out, even during vigorous exercise. Whether that means headbanging to your new favorite song, a 10k trail run, a leisurely walk or eight boxing rounds on the heavy bag with serious slipping and rolling, your UE FITS will stay put. 


    Are you ready to experience the all-day comfort and premium sound of UE FITS? Our custom molding true wireless earbuds are on sale and shipping now.

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