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DJ TIMES : UE 6 Review "a turning point for DJs"

by Erica Lomotan

DJ TIMES : UE 6 Review "a turning point for DJs"

Wesley Bryant-King of DJ Times reviewed Ultimate Ears 6 PRO, writing that the in-ear monitor is “targeted for users performing rhythm and beats, including drummers and bass players. But I also believe it might be a turning point for DJs to consider going with CIEMs.”

He goes on to say:
"First, let’s face it: The working environment for club (and many other) DJs is not exactly ideal for those who need to be able to hear for a living. A simple Google search for “DJs hearing loss” will reveal that this is a subject of growing concern... The passive noise reduction afforded by properly fitting CIEMs seems like a smart measure to help avoid this particular occupational hazard."
And on mixing with UE 6 PRO
"Second, the UE 6 PRO provides enough low-end that beat-matching is easy, even at the modest volume levels you want to be using (again, to prevent hearing loss), and even where the house audio system might be registering thunderous low-end in the very soles of your feet."
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